Crystalline Frameless Bi-pass

Combining its hallmark open look with quality engineering, the Crystalline By-Pass provides and innovative alternative to framed enclosures. This frameless unit works well in custom and standard installations and its easy adjustment makes the Crystalline By-Pass a solid unit that is a complete reflection of quality.
All extrusions, including the brackets and finger pulls, are polished, brushed anodized, or powder coated in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, and oil-rubbed- bronze. The Crystalline Frameless By-Pass comes standard with 1/4 inch glass in several stock sizes or can be customized to fit your opening. This frameless series looks great as a stand-alone door or with in-inline or return panels, which can be customized with towel bar and other hardware.

Signature Pivot

Designed for elegance, the Signature Pivot system minimizes the use of metal to create a clean, open appearance and features tempered 3/8″ glass with polished edges on all four sides.
Our unique base plate utilizes the weight and turning motion of the door to self-center and is available in white and black, to complement any finish.
The weight of the door never hangs on other glass panels, providing you with safety and security.
Three versatile configurations – curb-to-header, curb-to-wall, and curb-to-soffit – can be installed as standalone units or with custom panels.

Crystalline Semi Frameless Hinge

To create a sophisticated heavy glass look at an affordable price, the Crystalline Semi-Frameless Hinge is available with C-Pull, Deluxe C-Pull or C-Pull/Towel Bar Combo. A heavier header option is also available for oversized units.
The sweep system uses a nearly invisible vinyl drip to enhance its contemporary appearance and provide a water barrier.
Glazed door kids come standard with 1/4 inch glass for a heavier feel and superior operation.

Hybrid Hinge door

For a frameless look at a fraction of the price, the Hybrid offers a ¼” inch glass hinge door with a heavy 3/8 inch glass panel. This door can be customized with notched and return panels.