What is a garage? Is it where you park your car? Is it where you pile items of overflow from your home or yard tools and sports equipment? This is what a garage means to many people, but a garage can be so much more. It’s a bonus room. It’s utility space that can be put to use for countless activities. A garage storage system can allow you to realize the full potential of this space. It’s an investment in your home and in your quality of life.

Illinois Closet Concepts offers freedomRail Garage by Organized Living for your garage needs. The freedomRail system allows for easy modification and rearrangement of shelves, baskets, and more. The freedomRail is attached to the wall of your garage, and Uprights attach vertically. Shelves, baskets, hanging accessories, and more can be attached to the Uprights. The Uprights can be easily moved, added, and removed along the freedomRail. This allows for fast, easy modification of the storage space without tools.

Our custom freedomRail garage storage options allow you to create a fully realized space for countless activities. Our solutions are ideal for storing sports equipment, from baseball bats to basketballs and beyond. If your kids are active in organized sports, or just love to play with friends or in the back yard, keeping equipment organized will save plenty of time rummaging. Plus, sports equipment isn’t cheap: keeping it in a clean, well-organized area will help keep your equipment in good working order.

These storage solutions are also ideal for yard tools. Forget looking high and low and moving boxes and buckets to find a rake. You can hang them in plain sight from easy to add and adjust hooks on the freedomRail. For those of you who prefers to DIY, you can put tools, screws, nails, bottles, and more in drawers that can be added to your freedomRail.

The beauty of freedomRail Garage is how easy you can change your storage environment. You don’t need specialized tools, or much effort for that matter to totally rearrange your freedomRail. The Uprights are easy to move and remove, so you can create space for hanging items, drawers, shelves, baskets and more. As your needs change, so can your garage.

This is an investment in your present, as well as your future. In the here and now, you can tap the potential of an under utilized space in your home and save hours searching for items. Not only will this help you keep your items in good working shape, but it is a fantastic long-term investment for your home. Having a garage storage system will increase your home value and make a nice show piece for potential buyers if you choose to sell.